Time Saving Technology

Time Saving Technology If for no other reason, technology is great because it saves us time. With the right gadgets, we have more time to enjoy life. The trick with gadgets however is that you need to find the right ones for you. With so many different devices out there, finding the right gadget means […]

Technical Breakthroughs in Web Development

  Technical Breakthroughs in Web Development A lot of people mistakenly believe that the heyday of technical breakthroughs in web development is over. That the newer changes will not be as ground shaking as the breakthroughs in the past. Well there is always room for improvement and frankly some of the web development breakthroughs in […]

The Use of Technology in Business

I wanted to talk to you (my readers) today about the use of technology in business today. As you are aware even Pizza Hut uses technology to streamline their process today. From big investors to Subway owner, groups use combinations of video and to drive their message home.  There is basically no getting away from […]