The Use of Technology in Business

I wanted to talk to you (my readers) today about the use of technology in business today. As you are aware even Pizza Hut uses technology to streamline their process today. From big investors to Subway owner, groups use combinations of video and to drive their message home.  There is basically no getting away from it.

The Use of Technology In Business

It hard to image a company of any meaningful size not using technology. With countless applications throughout business, technology, and more specifically tech gadgets offer new and faster ways to get work done. In addition, they represent a fantastic way to innovate and streamline processes that may have cost a great deal of money before. Lets pause for a moment and reflect on the use of technology in the 21st century business.

Speeds Everything Up

There is no getting around this point. Simply put, technology and tech gadgets speed everything up. Sending information can occur instantaneously. Information about the industry can be reported as it happens, and decisions can be made in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take. Tech gadgets have taken this one step further, allowing people to stay connected and work even when moving around or outside the office. Bring our office with us, we can identify, solve, and resolve problems as they come up.

Creates Numerous Systems For Saving And Protecting Data

Tech in business also provides a safety net for document and company storage. While many companies used to only have physical records, usually on premises, this was a big hazard for the company in case of fire. With the advent of technology, these records can be stored both physically and electronically. In addition, physical records can now be stored off site at a safer location since the electronic records are freely available to anyone who has access to the company computer systems. Tech gadgets can be used to bring up these documents quickly whenever and wherever they are needed, providing a boost towards business as a whole.

BYOD and Shadow IT Concerns

Tech gadgets and tech in general solve a number of business problems. However, they also produce problems for companies as well. It is not uncommon to have people BYOD, or bring your own device to work. This practice is where people use personal tech gadgets to get work done, opening up possible security holes and issues with incompatibility. On the other hand, since we work best with our own gadgets, many companies allow them because it improves moral and performance. There is also the issue of Shadow IT. A term for problem solving and networking that occurs outside the IT, IS, and CIO’s prevue, this is hailed by many companies as a source of innovation and hated by others for circumventing pre-existing design.