Technical Breakthroughs in Web Development


Technical Breakthroughs in Web Development

A lot of people mistakenly believe that the heyday of technical breakthroughs in web development is over. That the newer changes will not be as ground shaking as the breakthroughs in the past.

Well there is always room for improvement and frankly some of the web development breakthroughs in the last 5 years have been pretty astounding.

Here are some recent web development breakthroughs that may have slipped right by you:

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Speed Optimization
  • CMS (content management systems)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Analytics

The largest breakthrough in web design has by far been the ability to create websites using responsive web design. Responsive web design has enabled your website to be viewed the same whether a visitor is on a mobile device or their desktop. Before responsive web design either you had to have two separate websites created one for mobile devices and one for the PC.

80% of mobile device users expect that your website will look the same on their mobile device as it does on their desktop.

At one point (not too long ago) a CMS was not really necessary, today it is absolutely necessary. Content Management Systems have become much more user friendly and are typically a part of all web design. At one point in time you paid someone to manage your content because it could not be done by a lay person.

The integration of Social Media is also a huge leap in web design. People are now very aware of the benefit of offering the ability to log in using their social media credentials. This too was not only not available a decade ago but it also was likely not really thought about as a future possibility.

Analytics (such as Google Analytics) has also come a long way. How we track who is visiting, where they came from and other demographic information has become a lot easier and a lot more accurate. Easy to use analytics has given us the ability to understand our marketing efforts like never before. There is an entire culture that has been built around developing very usable Analytics.

The changes may not get the same attention that they use to get but there are technical breakthroughs in web development that are constant. Perhaps we have just taken them for granted and assume that that is the way things should always have worked so we just do not pay attention as much!