About Sam

Hi I am Sam. I set up this page to talk about the things I love…..GADGETS!

I have always believed that no matter what the job is it’s always just a matter of the right tools. I really learned this through my years of trying to do DIY home improvement projects.

Sometimes I feel like the pros are only professionals because they owned the necessary tools to make the job a whole lot easier.

For example when people are making cables there’s a special crimping device they use. Without that, there is no way to make it a clean job.
Likewise in life there’s a few tools that are just simply essential.

I believe one such tool is voice dictation. LOL.

It takes arduous texts and writings and transforms them into a simple speech recognition process.

BTW, Dragon dictation is pretty good.
But that’s not the reason that I’m writing my about section. I’m letting you know who I am.

Simply put:
I’m a gadget geek what can I say.
I love electronics and I love things to make our lives more simple.

This site is dedicated to bringing you concepts and ideas about those very things.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you at my blogs.